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Benefits of studying A2 Level

March 15, 2017

Benefits of studying A2 Level

Benefits of studying A2 Level

We suggest all the Au Pair to study A2 level of German Language, and it's free those who apply from us.

Benefits after studying A2 level are:
1. Help you to revise what you had studied in A1 and know more knowledge of German Language.
2. Can easily talk with host parents while having Skype or phone call.
3. You can speak well German language during Visa Interview and avoid rejection which is happening nowadays and there is high chances of rejection who have less marks in A1 and have great gap after A1.
4. After you reached to Germany you can speak with host parents and children without any problem, You can adjust over society. So you can easily interact with German People.
5. Intensive language are really so expensive in Germany and A2 helps you save money.
6. More you learn Language more you have choices to extend visa. Eg: FSJ (Voluntary Social Year), BSD, ausbildung ( Training Visa ), Student Visa, language visa etc.
Just give your 2 months effort and time, just Rs. 8000 ( with books) will make you more skillful. So book a seat and make your Au Pair time easy in future.

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