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There are no hard and fast requirements to be an au-pair in Germany. However the following still applies.
  1. be between 18-27 years of age
  2. has previous experience looking after children i.e. through private babysitting, internships at childcare centers, or montessori teacher 
  3. has completed at least higher secondary school education
  4. be in good health and non-smoker without criminal records
  5. be single, unmarried and childless
  6. be able to commit to at least a min. of six months (due to visa requirements)
  7. be interested in learning about the German culture and language have basic knowledge of the German language (in order to be granted an au pair visa)
  8. has knowledge of basic German language upto A2 level or must have at least passed Start Deutsch 1 

For more information regarding being an Au Pair in Germany, candidates are requested to visit the following webpage: