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Au Pair Contact

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Au Pair Contact

Contract (Sample)
Au pair employment
according to the European Agreement on Au Pair Placement
of 24 November 1969

This au pair contract is set up between:


• Mr. /Ms.: Wolfgang Kaufmann and Tanja Kaufmann ____________________ (name)

• Place of residence: 12345 Frankfurt am Main

• Street: Berlinerstr. 9

later described as “host”, and

• Ramita Nepal___________________________________________________ (name)

later described as “au pair”

• born on1: 15.09.1990

• in: Kathmandu, Nepal

• nationality: Nepali

• place of residence: Koteshwor

• street: Subidhnangar, Shree Hanuman Marga

and (if the au pair is still a minor) his/her legal representative: _____________ (name)



The host family will welcome the au pair for a period of 12 month(s)2in accordance with the regulations mentioned in this document. During this period of time, the au pair shall be given the opportunity to improve his/her language skills and enhance his/her knowledge of the host country.

The contract comes into effect on 01.12.123



II.1 The host shall accommodate the au pair and allow him/her to take part in the family‘s daily life. In this context, the host declares the following to the au pair:

• The family consists of 4 members, among which

2 are adults

1 is boy aged 9 years

1 is girl aged 6 years.

• The family lives in a house composed of 8 rooms including 2 bathroom(s).

Distance to the next shopping center is 1 km

Distance to the next educational institution that offers an adequate German course is

3 km

• Host‘s profession: Medical Doctor

• Profession of the host‘s spouse: Electrician

• The host employs the following domestic staff: ____________________

II.2 The host shall provide the au pair with a separate room shared with __________________,4as well as free lodging. The au pair shall share meals with the host family and receive the same food as the family members unless otherwise agreed under IV.2.

II.3 Furthermore, the host shall pay the au pair a monthly pocket money of 260 Euros.

II.4 The au pair‘s working hours shall be arranged in a way that allows him/her to participate in a language course and to take part in cultural events, and thus to enhance his/her language skills and general knowledge about the host country.

II.5 The au pair shall receive one day off5and at least 4 free evenings per week. The au pair shall also be given full opportunity to practice his/her religion.

II.6 The host shall subscribe to a private insurance for the au pair for the cases of illness, maternity and accidents6.

The insurance fee is 39 Euros per month and shall be paid in full by the host family.

II.7 In case of illness, the au pair shall remain further entitled to full board and lodging as well as adequate care until appropriate arrangements have been made.

II.8 The au pair is entitled to two days paid holiday per month. Going on holiday with the host family shall equally be considered as holiday for the au pair only if minor duties are to be accomplished and no attendance is required.


III.1 The au pair commits to work 5 hour(s) per day7(including babysitting), thereby assisting the family with the daily household chores. Such duties include:

Child care up to 90%;

Preparation of the simple dishes, vacuum cleaning, ironing up to 10%

(Detailed information about the duties that need to be carried out by the au pair should be given here. Only light housework duties and child care are to be considered as

part of the au pair‘s duties)

The cleaning and tidying of one‘s own room are private matters that shall not be considered as part of the housework duties.

III.2 The au pair declares readiness to provide all requested documents in order to enable the host to fulfill his duties as defined in II.6 of this contract.

III.3 The au pair declares readiness to provide a medical certificate as requested in

paragraph 5 of the European Agreement on Au Pair Placement.8


VI.1 Either contracting party may terminate the contract with two week‘s prior notice. The contract may however be terminated with immediate effect by either party in the event of serious misconduct by the other party or if other serious circumstances make such instant termination necessary.

VI.2 The parties further agree on the following issues:

The host is ready to pay the language courses for the au pair.


The contract shall be signed in two copies:

• one copy for the host family and

• one copy for the au pair.

Should the au pair still be a minor, the legal representative shall receive a copy of the contract as well.


Kathmandu, 30.09.2012                                                      Frankfurt am main, 17.09.2012


[Signature]                                                                              [Signature]

————————–                                                             —————————-

Au pair’s signature                                                                 Host’s signature


(Or the legal representative‘s signature should the au pair be a minor)

We do not assume any liability as to the accuracy of the translations provided. In case of doubt, the original contract will always apply. 5 | 5


1 According to article 4 of the European Agreement on Au Pair Placement, an au pair shall not be younger than 17 nor older than 30 years old. In Germany, au pairs from non-EU/EFTA States (with the exception of Switzerland) as well as from the EU States Bulgaria and Romania should not be older than 25 years old (§ 20 Beschäftigungsverordnung); the minimum age for non-EU/EFTA au pairs (with the exception of Switzerland) is 18 years.

2 For au pairs from non-EU/EFTA States (with the exception of Switzerland) as well as from the EU States Bulgaria

and Romania, the au pair placement may not exceed one year. The minimum period should be six months.

3 According to article 6 of the European Agreement on Au Pair Placement, this au pair contract should preferably be concluded between the parties before the au pair leaves his/her home country or at the latest during the first week of the placement.

4 According to article 8 paragraph 1 of the European Agreement on Au Pair Placement, the au pair shall occupy a separate room if possible.

5 According to article 8 paragraph 3 of the European Agreement on Au Pair Placement, the au pair is entitled to one full free day per week, not less than one such day in every month being a Sunday.

6 The protocol of the European Agreement stipulates that the insurance benefits should ensure, as far as possible, that the cost of medical treatment, pharmacy and hospital care is covered.

7 According to article 9 of the European Agreement on Au Pair Placement, the time effectively occupied in such

services shall generally not exceed five hours a day. The highest limit of working hours has been determined

as six hours per day and 30 hours per week in Germany.

8 According to article 5 of the European Agreement on Au Pair Placement, the medical certificate shall be issued less

than three months before the placement, declaring the person‘s general state of health.

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