Graduate Studies

Universities in Germany are becoming more accessible to English-speakers. There are opportunities to study in the Land of Thinkers and Philosophers without having strong German skills when you arrive.

Knowing German is no longer a prerequisite for many Master’s programs in Germany-especially for those that are internationally oriented. Students from abroad can learn German in the course of their studies.

The programs are offered in modules, and many include international component. A period abroad is often a requirement, along with the usual tests and other assignments that must be passed. Germany’s transition to the Bachelor and Master system makes degrees earned in Germany easier to compare internationally, and study abroad programs have become easier to facilitate.

Most Master’s program aim to foster connections with the job market before the students graduate. Possible employers are often actively included in developing the programs. Students can establish contact with companies in course of their studies. Furthermore, many universities offer programs with a European focus and participating students must complete at least two semesters at a partner university in another country. Graduates of such programs may be able to receive a dual degree.

At the moment there are more than 1500 degree programs taught in English at the Universities in Germany and more and more universities are planning to launch more and more courses in English medium in order to attract international students in Germany.